JT ASSET COMPENSATION receives certificate for outstanding IT security

Quite every day the media are reporting about hacker attacks to many companies worldwide. JT ASSET COMPENSATION has anticipated this issue by performing our service with state-of-the-art IT systems.
“By frequently preformed security checks our IT systems are leaked to find out security weak points”, says Managing Partner Philippe Tapia. “We are teaching our staff and have adjusted our processes on a ongoing way.” The effort has paid off and JT ASSET COMPENSATION was lately elected to hold the hard requested emblem of greenhats®. This emblem shows that our company has in an outstanding and successful way worked out the security issue faced today. Up today only a few companies in Switzerland have reached this high security standard as we have. “This emblem is really unique”, says Philippe Tapia. “It is brilliant to show our clients and business partners in an easy way that we have the security issues under control”.

Read more about the certificate on greenhats.com