Who we are

JT ASSET COMPENSATION holds the longest experience in the administration of employee schemes in Switzerland. We administrate all kind of schemes such as Stock Option, Phantom, Share, RSU, PSU, et cetera. Your scheme instruments can be settled directly over the administration system PEGASUS at any stock exchange, not only at SIX. We do not only offer off-Exchange Block-Trades, but also for very large trading volume, which impacts the market price at exchange negatively, a piece by piece-selling over our specialized trading team to avoid a heavy price drop. Trading out of conditional capital is possible without any time delay.

Our skills

Tax documents

Tax documents are provided automatically in PDF. You, as an issuer, can amend individual tax disclaimers for countries or participants. But also hold back income taxes (withholding taxes e.g. when options are exercised) you can enter on your own interactively into PEGASUS.

No bank account

Due to our unique IT administration approach we do not need bank accounts for plan participants (also not for investors), which result in a heavy advantage against the classic known bank administration approach. Therefore your schemes are implemented in few working days and your participants can take part in the schemes without any complicated statements and banking formalities. Nevertheless they do their trading online – like in e banking – over PEGASUS.

In one glance

Processes and documents are customizable in PEGASUS and freely designable according your needs. Also your investors, e.g. when you overtake another company, can be administrated with their individual selling restrictions. So you are informed in one glace with all your outstanding instruments.

Plan Participants
Security Codes


Our history


Administration of a Share Participation Program

JT was pointed to administrate a worldwide Share Program for a SIX listed leading company.


New Business Partner

JT started a new collaboration with www.helvetischebank.ch. This new collaboration allows JT to penetrate the Swiss Market for Plan Administration even more powerful.


Any Term is customizable

In the newest System Update any Term in PEGASUS is customizable, this allows the firms to create their own administration system.


Withholding Tax inserted directly by Firm Administrator

In the newest System Update Firm Administrator can insert Withholding Taxes on his own. This possibility speeds up the option Exercise process.


Administration of Option and Share Schemes

In these both schemes over 180 employees from all continents take part. Ask us how you can handle your worldwide schemes in an easy and cost efficient way.

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