Who we are

JT ASSET COMPENSATION is an ESOP Administrator located in Switzerland which performs in an unique way international ESOP administration by a strong IT approach. Setup, grants, trading execution on Exchange can be settled in seconds.

Our skills

Reporting and tax statements

Any end of month the company gets a fully detailed reporting which can be used for audits and balance statements.

Any employee gets by the end of year a fully detailed tax statement. The company can ammend any statement with a customized disclosure.

Unique approach – no employee bank account is needed

In our IT approach there is no need for bank accounts for any employee. Our unique IT approach avoids that employees have to go through heavy paper work and legal checks. Therefore, thousands of employees can be set up in a few seconds and the employee can trade immediately with his assets.


Fully customizable

Any wording can be customized by the company in a few seconds. This feature allows to fit your plan rules exactly to our administration.

Plan Participants
Security Codes


Our history


New ESOP Administration

JT takes over new ESOP Administration in a wordwide context for a listed company.


Administration of participation program and share register

This services are provided for an non listed Swiss based company.


Administration of a Share Participation Program

JT was pointed to administrate a worldwide Share Program for a SIX listed leading company.


New Business Partner

JT started a new collaboration with www.helvetischebank.ch. This new collaboration allows JT to penetrate the Swiss Market for Plan Administration even more powerful.


Any Term is customizable

In the newest System Update any Term in PEGASUS is customizable, this allows the firms to create their own administration system.

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